“In any endeavor, it is essential to activate your inner spirit. The world is undergoing drastic change. In order to meet those challenges, I practice Aikido.” – Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

I began doing Aikido Photography a few years ago, shortly after beginning my practice at Aikido of Santa Cruz.  The movement, energy and dynamic exchange create incredible expression and joy, all of which I felt called to share in with my camera.  Over the years, I’ve been drawn to moments of great potential; a strike in mid air, the moment before a grab, the instant of commitment in an attack.  As an Aikido practitioner and as a photographer, it’s these moments of potential that I look for, as they are doors of possibility in harmonious interaction.

These photographs are part of my ongoing practice and study, looking at the moments and spaces that shape the way we see each other, and the world.